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Triplets into the New Year

Way back in 2012 the first triplet was conceived.  Little did I know that trying to raise three of a kind would be so demanding, exhausting and exhilarating as the years stretched onward.  Reaching back to that first up-close view, I was in awe at the beauty of each and how mesmerizing each could be. There was no turning back from what was about to begin…

The first one, who is now the oldest, was the 1934 Duesenberg J Graber.  A design so polarizing that many still do not think it is a Duesenberg.  In these intervening years, I’ve had the opportunity through the many marque clubs to understand that many of the classics were delivered not as whole cars, but rather simply as a platform in which to put a body onto.  In this realm the Graber excels and should have, in my opinion, been awarded the top spot at Pebble Beach when it was entered.  

Instead, it was living downstairs at the time of my second visit to see the 2nd triplet: the 1937 Delage D8-120 S Aerodynamic Coupe, which did win Pebble Beach in 2005.  Besides the clean and beautiful lines, this car is striking from almost any angle.  Compared to the Graber, the Delage is well-known both in scale and in life.  Which leads us to the 3rd triplet.  Unlike the first or second, the youngest triplet is pretty much unknown and when I asked for background about the history, there were only 6 pages of which 3 were filled with photographs.   Yet while I was shooting the Delage, the Delahaye just kept pulling at me for attention.  Maybe because it is not shown very often or is not well known, I found this to be so appealing.  It was just sitting there in a crowded ballroom, trying not to be noticed.

When I went to shoot the Delahaye, the more I looked at it, the more in love with it I became.  For months, I’ve had one of the prototypes on my desk, and each time I look at it, I can only imagine that Sam Mann, the current owner, likes it just as much.  It probably won’t win awards because it is not as unique as the first or second triplet, yet it is an image that will stay with you.

Originally when I announced the Delahaye, there was only to be one version in Aubergine.  This was expanded to two with Sam’s permission.  Then when it became apparent that the Delahaye would be released in April/May 2020, I felt the need to celebrate Automodello’s first 10-years as Automodello released the 1964 Griffith Series 200 on April Fool’s 2010.  Little did I know in this plan that COVID would delay that May delivery to December 29th, 2020.  For this celebration and as Automodello was, as my accountant noted, on a lark, we decided on Lark Métallisé as an appropriate color and to limit the celebration to 43.  Further this special Tribute Edition would include THE ONE24 Membership initial year membership and member mug.  The Lark Métallisé is exclusively on website.

Changing subjects for a moment, I realized as I was composing this newsletter that it has been almost 2-months since my last newsletter.  As with most builders you’ve probably noticed a slowdown in releases. This is the direct result of supply chain and transportation issues.  And with our year-end festivities and with Chinese New Year fast approaching, Automodello has learned the hard way not to have anything built until at least 3 weeks have passed from the conclusion of Chinese New Year.  So our hope is the next release will be in the Spring and that subsequent releases will slowly get back onto a normal track. 

Stay well and healthy, and happy new year,
Jim Cowen, CEO
877.343. 2276 US/CANADA or +1.847.274.9645 INTERNATIONAL


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